When you or your child needs orthodontic treatment, Dr. John R. Schouten may suggest non-extraction orthodontics in Evanston, Wyoming. Non-extraction orthodontics involves the straightening of teeth without removing any permanent teeth. Our orthodontist will choose non-extraction orthodontics whenever possible. Many people have teeth that look too large for their jaw. At Uinta Orthodontics, we believe that it is not the teeth that are too large; we believe that the jaw is too small for the teeth. If a patient has a small jaw, the teeth often become crowded and “buck” teeth may develop. With non-extraction orthodontics, the patient’s jaw is developed and expanded to make room for all of the permanent teeth.

Many benefits come as a result of non-extraction orthodontics. Developing the jaw so that all of the permanent teeth fit properly greatly enhances a patient’s smile. The smile becomes wider and more noticeable. Functional appliances do most of the work in non-extraction orthodontics. Because of this, a patient will spend less time wearing braces. Expansion and development of the jawbones has excellent retention because it involves bone growth. Traditional orthodontics often involves the removal of the four bicuspid teeth, but with non-extraction orthodontics, those teeth are saved.

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