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If you have a malocclusion, an orthodontic treatment such as an aligner or braces will be needed. Although not all malocclusions are the same, depending on your age, health, and the severity of the malocclusions, your treatment for a straight smile could take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to correct. Listed below are some common FAQs about malocclusions:

Question: What are malocclusions?
– Malocclusions are typically characterized as “bad bites” within your mouth. Typically, any misalignment that is unnatural can be considered a malocclusion.

Question: Can my front teeth suffer from malocclusions?
Yes, there are a variety of malocclusions that take place with your front teeth, also known as your incisors. Misplace midlines are caused by upper front teeth that don’t align with lower front teeth. Underbites are caused by lower front teeth that extend beyond your upper front teeth. Overbites are caused by upper front teeth that extend beyond your lower front teeth. Open bites are caused by your front teeth not matching up with each other when you clench your teeth.

Question: Are there any other malocclusions that I should be aware of?
– Crossbites are malocclusions that exist when your lower jaw is more prominent that your upper jaw. Rotation malocclusions are caused by improperly angled teeth that have moved out of alignment. Transposition malocclusions are caused by teeth that erupt in the wrong spots along your gum line.

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