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Despite popular belief, braces are not only for children and teens. More and more adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment. According to Harvard Health Publications, one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. It is never too late to have your teeth straightened so you can have a healthier, more attractive smile.

Having crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth can cause more issues than just marring the appearance of your smile. Crooked and crowded teeth are generally more difficult to clean and floss properly. This can lead to issues like gum disease, cavities, and other issues. Chewing may be a little awkward if you have an underbite or an overbite. Braces can correct these and other alignment issues, and help you reach the smile you’ve always wanted.

There are several options available with braces for adults. Some people feel hesitant about the idea of wearing metal brackets and wires and wish for a more aesthetic option. Clear or ceramic braces are a great, discreet choice for straightening smiles. These orthodontic appliances are made from tooth-colored materials that make them less noticeable when you smile. The shading can even be adjusted to match that of your teeth. Clear aligners are another popular option. These custom aligners, which are worn over the teeth, are virtually invisible. They are also removable, so you can eat and brush and floss like normal.

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