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If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, it’s time to consider orthodontic treatment in Evanston, Wyoming. Little did you know, orthodontics can do more than just straighten your teeth. In fact, there are many benefits to aligning your teeth, and our Uinta Orthodontics orthodontic team would be happy to tell you all about them.

First, orthodontic treatment, whether it’s braces or clear aligners, can straighten your chompers as well as adjust the alignment of your jaw. These adjustments can help you have a better and more effective bite, making chewing and talking much easier.

Second, orthodontics can boost your oral health. If you have misaligned teeth, there are nooks and crannies in your smile that can trap plaque and bacteria. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to frequently clean these areas, which presents a problem because if they are not cleaned from your teeth, you can suffer from tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Third, treatment can boost your self-confidence. Whether you believe it or not, aligned teeth can help you finally love your smile. After treatment, you will no longer feel embarrassed or ashamed of your appearance and this one benefit makes orthodontic treatment worth it for many people. That way you’ll feel confident and beautiful when talking to family and friends and when taking a picture or presenting a project.

Now that you know the benefits of orthodontic treatment, are you interested in aligning your smile? If so, please don’t be afraid to call our office at (307) 789-8742 and schedule an appointment with Dr. John R. Schouten. We will be happy to meet with you and determine if orthodontic treatment is the right step for you!