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Your orthodontic treatment is very important to your oral health if you are interested in having a healthy smile with well-aligned teeth and a stable bite. We are happy to offer tips on how to care for braces and your smile while you are undergoing orthodontics:

— There are many foods that can cause damage to braces by breaking the brackets, archwires and orthodontic bands, and we encourage you to care for your appliances by avoiding anything crunchy, hard, sticky or chewy. This includes popcorn, ice, nuts, caramel and bubblegum.

— To protect your braces when you eat, choose soft foods that can be cleaned away easily to prevent food from damaging your braces or lingering on your teeth and causing you to develop tooth decay.

— You should reduce your intake of sugary treats during this time, but if you are craving sugar,  you can counterbalance it by maintaining effective daily dental habits such as brushing and flossing thoroughly. Be careful with your brackets and wires by brushing gently, and give special attention to areas where plaque and food can build up, such as where the gums and teeth meet and where the braces rest against the teeth.

— If you like to play sports, you can prevent oral injury and damage to your braces by wearing a sports mouth guard. A hard blow to the face or accidental fall can break your orthodontic appliances and cause lacerations to the lips and cheeks.

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