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Caring for your braces is an important aspect of your orthodontic treatment. You will be spending many months with your braces as they seek to improve your smile, and full functionality of them is important for them to be able to do their job efficiently and effectively.

What can you do to protect your braces? Listed below are some excellent tools, tips, and guidelines you should implement into your orthodontic health care routine:

– When brushing your teeth and braces, brush slowly to avoid damaging either.
– With traditional braces, flossing will no longer be possible in its current form. Try switching to an alternative interdental cleaner such as a water flosser.
– Braces may look durable, but they are not a shield meant to protect your teeth. When playing contact sports or engaging in high-risk activities, wear the appropriate head and mouth safety gear.
– Avoid foods and snacks that could easily get stuck in between your braces and teeth, including sticky sweets and chewy treats.
– Always try to keep your mouth free of contamination and wash your retainer regularly to avoid bacterial buildup.
– If a piece of your braces should break, do not attempt to fix it, but rather contact your orthodontist immediately.

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