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You should never skip your dental cleaning when you have braces, even though our orthodontic team examines and treats your smile regularly. This is because your professional dental cleaning can remove plaque, tartar, and harmful substances from your smile that we can’t. So please make sure to schedule a professional dental cleaning every six months.

Your appointment shouldn’t be much different than a traditional cleaning appointment. However, it might be longer because your dental hygienist will need to clean in and around your braces. To give you more details, Dr. John R. Schouten will be happy to tell you a little more.

At the beginning of the cleaning, your dental hygienist will use special tools and techniques to remove the plaque and tartar that have gathered and grown around your braces. This will involve scraping the front, back, and chewing surfaces of your teeth. Once your hygienist is done cleaning in and around the hardware, they will floss your smile.

In order to floss, they will use a looped tool to thread the floss between the wire and the tooth. Next, they will use a sawing motion to squeeze the floss between your teeth. Once it is there, they will scrape the sides of each tooth with the floss and will deeply clean along the gumline.

Your appointment will also include a thorough dental exam (that might involve taking X-rays) as well as a fluoride treatment. To learn more about your upcoming dental cleaning and exam when you have braces in Evanston, Wyoming, please call Uinta Orthodontics at (307) 789-8742 and talk to a member of our team.